Too many times people stop pursuing their dream or calling just because they think that it is too late. You feel like if it hasn’t happened yet then it will never happen but that is simply not true. There are many times that God will call someone at a young age but there are things that He has to take them through in order to use them. Sometimes it is for the testimony that will come out of them or maybe it is to build character, strength and wisdom. Either way, if He has called you to something He is well able to finish what He has called you to.
The reason that I titled this “Chasing Our Tales” is because it can have many meanings. If tales were spelled a different way, then it would be a perfect example of what we do a lot of the times. We chase after what we believe to be our purpose but because of circumstances we find ourselves going around and around in circles, similar to a dog chasing his tail. Many times when this happens we find out that we have been trying to do things on our own instead of being led by God. Anytime that we try to move in our own strength we will wind up running around in circles. God wants to lead and guide you and show you the way but you need to get out of your own way.
The other connotation that I wanted to impart with the title is the actual meaning of the word tale. Tales are stories that we listen to that cause us to go in one direction or another or to form a specific opinion about something.  There are tales that people will tell you like, “You will never be able to do that, or, you are too old”. It does matter what one person says to you. What you need to go on is whether or not God said you are able. We cannot listen to tales spoken by others to hold us back. We have to listen to the one who gave us the dream. The dream that God gave you may seem like a fairy tale but it doesn’t matter whether our minds can contain that dream, what matters is that in God’s kingdom, His dreams do come true. Take heart today knowing that what He has called you to, you are well able to accomplish through His strength and guidance.  Take a step out, now take another step, walk right past the fear that has been holding you back and walk right into your destiny.