I haven’t posted to my blog in forever and I don’t seem to post or get on FB or any social media very much anymore or at least not as I used to. To be honest, I just haven’t had the heart for it since probably around the time my mom became sick and then passed away, which is coming up on two years. It’s funny how life can change in an instant and be turned upside down. 

Truly there are many other reasons I could list but I know we’ve all had issues going on in our lives over the last couple of years and then with the state of our world today there is just no need to burden everyone with mine. So, I want to post something encouraging.

I read this message from Lisa Bevere today and it spoke to me. Given that I know it may speak to someone else who might be reading this, I thought I’d share. This is written to God’s daughters but it applies to God’s sons as well.

“I’m afraid I will miss God.”

I find this statement to be one of the most common concerns among the most selfless and tender Christians. On the surface, this fear of “missing God” sounds noble, but time has taught me that the enemy pounces on it, then uses it to entrap people. It is his ploy to make everything about our performance rather than our trust in God’s grace. It changes the focus to our ability to follow rather than His ability to lead.

This makes our Christian walk fear­-driven rather than love-driven and faith-based. The enemy of our souls knows that every daughter of God wants to please her Father. Satan perverts our godly desire to follow God’s leading by questioning every move we make until confusion traps us in inaction.

Listen, Jesus is not trying to trick you. He would not tell us to follow if it was impossible. His ways are simple, but they are not easy. The enemy knows that one way to stop the pure-hearted is to freeze them with the fear of making a wrong move. He knows that the immobilized cannot follow.

Lovely one, answer me this:
• Where can you aim and not come in contact with Him?
• Where can you reach and not touch something that declares His existence?
• Where can you look and not see the fingerprints of His majesty?
Look up and you discover His wonder in the stars.
Look down and see His glory in a flower.
The mountains’ heights remind us that He is our Rock of refuge.
The ocean’s roar declares His undeniable might.
The wind awakens our souls to His unseen presence as it whispers, “There is more.”

We are promised that if we will but seek Him with all our heart, he will be found by us.

Consider Abraham, Sarah, Moses, King David, King Solomon, Paul, Peter, and Thomas, who all missed God and yet they all were in the plan of God even after messing up. Why would any of us imagine it would be different for us? Don’t imagine, lovely one, that you have messed up the plan of God for your life; you are not that powerful.

I want you to hear me, lovely God-daughter: I actually believe that if your heart is pure, it is impossible to miss God. Why do I think this? He is just too big of a target.

~ Lisa Bevere ~

Reading this one part below really spoke to me.

“Don’t imagine, lovely one, that you have messed up the plan of God for your life; you are not that powerful.”

It takes a weight off of me that should never have been there. If you feel like you have messed up, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again. That’s what I plan to do. God’s got this, just realize that the good work that He started in you, He is well able to complete.