This is a reblog from Feb. 2007-

There is no easy way to describe what it means to trust God. For someone like me who always likes to be in control it can be quit annoying at times, especially when all I want to do is figure out how to trust Him. It seems for the most part my way of thinking is like a dog chasing his tail…it’s to no avail. God is not nearly as complicated as we seem to want to make Him. All He asks is that we lean and rely on Him.

Have you ever been swimming? Have you ever tried to float on your back? If you have then you know that basically all you really have to do is lean back, be still and breath. You don’t hold your breathe to see if you can float because you will start to sink. You breath and relax. That is the way that God wants us. He wants us to lean back on Him and trust Him enough to just breath in and breath out, relax. Just know that He is in control. God’s word says “If God is for us, who can be against us.” I think that it is evident that God is for us considering that He sent His only son to come and die for us so that we might live.

So many people want to blame God for the way things are today when really the human race is to blame for the way things are today. God gave us a free will and with that free will He gave us choices. Those choices, good or bad lead us to a final destination. We choose that destination. Someone once said that when you die on the tombstone is a date (when you where born), a dash, and another date (when you died), but it is the dash in between that defines your life.

My question to you is this, what is your dash saying about you? Are you trusting Him? What will it take for you to trust Him?