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God Is Our GPS

This week has been a week of learning. Learning about my weaknesses and learning about the things that I am struggling with that gets in the way of my walk and my relationship with God. Really all of our lives are based on a whole process of learning about ourselves but when you become a Christian, this is something that we should be evaluating on a daily basis. The more that we learn the more we can adjust our course and do things the right way. I want to be more than the label Christian. Too many times we come across someone and they say that they are a Christian but then the way that they act or their lifestyle tells another story. I would like to believe that I live what I preach and that my life is always pressing to be more like Jesus. However, even if that is true, there is always more to learn and more that we need to change in order to be like Him. Let’s face it, we live in a fallen world where everything that we see and hear is used to lead us further and further away from God. I was thinking about the label of Christian the other day and it made me think of a designer bag…I know this sounds strange but wait, hear me out. You see I can go into the local Walmart and buy a handbag and slap a Gucci label on it but that bag is no more a Gucci than a turtle is fast. With that said, please, please, please, don’t be turned off by people that claim they are Christians just because their character doesn’t demonstrate the qualities that they should. Not all Christians are like that. A lot are really just trying to press in and be closer to God and they genuinely love people right where they are.
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Time to Grow!

There is so much that I always want to convey in my messages and sometimes I feel that there is no way to fully describe what I am feeling or all that God has laid upon my heart. I will do my best to try and to pass these thoughts along to you and believe that the Holy Spirit of God will stir up your heart while you read this message. Now, where to begin? There has been much that I have meditated on recently regarding the body of Christ and what we are supposed to be doing as believers. It helps that this morning in service, Pastor went over some of the same things that my husband and I had been talking about the night before (last night) and other nights over the last few weeks. There are so many in the body that just go to what they believe is church on a Sunday morning without realizing that the building is not the church. We have been cultivated to believe that the building is the church when in reality we are the church that God has placed on this Earth. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and God dwells within each of us that have accepted Him as our Lord and Savior. One of the many scriptures that points to this is Galatians 2:20. Continue reading “Time to Grow!”

In Hot Pursuit

I have a relationship that I have been pursuing for a while, though not always with the intensity that I should. This relationship my heart longs and aches for. That relationship is my relationship with God. I have had many experiences with God over the years. I can honestly say that my life is so much richer and deeper because of my relationship with Him. I have gone through mountain top experiences and through times in the valley, I know that there is always a purpose for what we go through. I haven’t told many people but I have been suffering in constant pain for the last couple of weeks. It started even before that but it would just come and go in spurts. It’s funny but it feels like the more I press in and seek God, the more the pain comes on. I am not sure who all of my readers are but I know that there are some that will not know what to do with the information that I put in my blog. Namely, that I feel like it is a spiritual attack manifesting itself in my body. I know that God has healed me before and I know that He can, in-fact, do it again, but even if He doesn’t He is still God. I believe that all things work together for good for those that love God and are called according to His purpose. Each time that I have gone through something it has been used to help others. I believe this trial to be no different. With that said, I am pressing forward. I am not really sure why I wrote that part but maybe it is for someone who is going through something as well.

The one thing that I know is that I want more of God, not just this year but forever. I want to know Him more and become more like Him. I want to love as He loves and see as He sees. I am so insignificant in the grand scheme of things and what I want is not as important as the needs of the many that are hurting. It is time to rise up as a nation of believers and meet the needs of those that are lost. Some people just need you to listen, others may need to be fed or clothed, some need you to pull them out of the miry clay and set them on the firm foundation of our Lord Jesus. There is so much that we can all do, the problem is that we look at the world and think, but the need is so great and there is no way I can possibly meet all those needs. You’re right, you can’t, but we can! There are many members of this body of Christ, I don’t care what denomination that you attend or what you feel your personal hindrances are. The fact is that we can all be used by God. There is a quote written by Charles Baudelaire that I once heard in a movie, which stated “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” Man, this is so true. Today we have so many people running around believing that the devil doesn’t exist so in their minds, if he doesn’t exist and there is no punishment for sin, then maybe God doesn’t exist. This is a sad commentary on our times. Without God, there is no hope, without hope there is depravity, and with depravity there is gate that leads straight to hell and totally way from the presence of God.  

I’m sorry folks, I know that I try to always be encouraging and upbeat but you must understand that we are standing in the midst of a lost and dying world and some of the people that we love the most are falling to the wayside because we will not take the time to bend down and pick them up. There will always be those that will continue down the path that they have chosen and there is nothing that you can do about that, just pray for them and move on. I am encouraging you, however, to reach out to those who want and need your hand, your ear or your shoulder. You will find that there is more of those that really want someone to care than those that don’t. Let me encourage you today to be the person that will change your surroundings. Start by buying a cup of coffee for someone you work with. Look for opportunities to minister. To minister is to tend to the wants and needs of others. It doesn’t take much to impact someone’s life. He has lined you up perfectly in people lives so that you can reach someone that others never could. God has called each of us to that role. So, will you step out and take hold of the role that He has called you to fill? Will you begin today to change the world around you?

Trusting God

This is a reblog from Feb. 2007-

There is no easy way to describe what it means to trust God. For someone like me who always likes to be in control it can be quit annoying at times, especially when all I want to do is figure out how to trust Him. It seems for the most part my way of thinking is like a dog chasing his tail…it’s to no avail. God is not nearly as complicated as we seem to want to make Him. All He asks is that we lean and rely on Him.

Have you ever been swimming? Have you ever tried to float on your back? If you have then you know that basically all you really have to do is lean back, be still and breath. You don’t hold your breathe to see if you can float because you will start to sink. You breath and relax. That is the way that God wants us. He wants us to lean back on Him and trust Him enough to just breath in and breath out, relax. Just know that He is in control. God’s word says “If God is for us, who can be against us.” I think that it is evident that God is for us considering that He sent His only son to come and die for us so that we might live.

So many people want to blame God for the way things are today when really the human race is to blame for the way things are today. God gave us a free will and with that free will He gave us choices. Those choices, good or bad lead us to a final destination. We choose that destination. Someone once said that when you die on the tombstone is a date (when you where born), a dash, and another date (when you died), but it is the dash in between that defines your life.

My question to you is this, what is your dash saying about you? Are you trusting Him? What will it take for you to trust Him?

Chasing Our Tales

Too many times people stop pursuing their dream or calling just because they think that it is too late. You feel like if it hasn’t happened yet then it will never happen but that is simply not true. There are many times that God will call someone at a young age but there are things that He has to take them through in order to use them. Sometimes it is for the testimony that will come out of them or maybe it is to build character, strength and wisdom. Either way, if He has called you to something He is well able to finish what He has called you to.
The reason that I titled this “Chasing Our Tales” is because it can have many meanings. If tales were spelled a different way, then it would be a perfect example of what we do a lot of the times. We chase after what we believe to be our purpose but because of circumstances we find ourselves going around and around in circles, similar to a dog chasing his tail. Many times when this happens we find out that we have been trying to do things on our own instead of being led by God. Anytime that we try to move in our own strength we will wind up running around in circles. God wants to lead and guide you and show you the way but you need to get out of your own way.
The other connotation that I wanted to impart with the title is the actual meaning of the word tale. Tales are stories that we listen to that cause us to go in one direction or another or to form a specific opinion about something.  There are tales that people will tell you like, “You will never be able to do that, or, you are too old”. It does matter what one person says to you. What you need to go on is whether or not God said you are able. We cannot listen to tales spoken by others to hold us back. We have to listen to the one who gave us the dream. The dream that God gave you may seem like a fairy tale but it doesn’t matter whether our minds can contain that dream, what matters is that in God’s kingdom, His dreams do come true. Take heart today knowing that what He has called you to, you are well able to accomplish through His strength and guidance.  Take a step out, now take another step, walk right past the fear that has been holding you back and walk right into your destiny.

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