This week has been a week of learning. Learning about my weaknesses and learning about the things that I am struggling with that gets in the way of my walk and my relationship with God. Really all of our lives are based on a whole process of learning about ourselves but when you become a Christian, this is something that we should be evaluating on a daily basis. The more that we learn the more we can adjust our course and do things the right way. I want to be more than the label Christian. Too many times we come across someone and they say that they are a Christian but then the way that they act or their lifestyle tells another story. I would like to believe that I live what I preach and that my life is always pressing to be more like Jesus. However, even if that is true, there is always more to learn and more that we need to change in order to be like Him. Let’s face it, we live in a fallen world where everything that we see and hear is used to lead us further and further away from God. I was thinking about the label of Christian the other day and it made me think of a designer bag…I know this sounds strange but wait, hear me out. You see I can go into the local Walmart and buy a handbag and slap a Gucci label on it but that bag is no more a Gucci than a turtle is fast. With that said, please, please, please, don’t be turned off by people that claim they are Christians just because their character doesn’t demonstrate the qualities that they should. Not all Christians are like that. A lot are really just trying to press in and be closer to God and they genuinely love people right where they are.

Anyway, that is something that was on my heart that I felt like I needed to share. Now regarding the GPS, you see God is our GPS. There is God the Father, Jesus the Person, and of course the Holy Spirit. They are all God but three in one, no I don’t feel like getting in a theological debate, the word says it so I believe it and we will leave it at that. If you have questions about that, it’s simple, ask Him yourself. So as far as Him being our GPS, He is our God Positioning System, it should be Him that guides and directs everything that you do. A lot of times we will take off in a specific direction only to learn that we really should have gone another way. I believe that if you pray and ask God for direction, He will guide you in every step. The main thing that you have to realize is that God does want to direct your steps. If you will look in Proverbs 3:6 the Word of God says “In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct thy paths.” There was a time in which the apostle Paul set out for a city and the Holy Spirit had to stop him three different times in order to get him to go to the right place. If you will allow God, He will direct you. Honestly, if we did that more often our lives would be a lot simpler. The lesson that I learned this week was that because I feared in certain areas it really boiled down to the fact that I didn’t trust God in those areas. I know that at times we hold back what we are feeling and think well I am just struggling in this area but we never analyze the root cause. The only way to overcome in this area is by spending time with God and seeking Him. When you seek Him you have a better understanding of Him and you will begin to trust Him more in every area of your life. If you think about it, it’s pretty stupid to not trust Him. The fact is that He sent His son Jesus to become the ultimate sacrifice and die so that we might live. How can you not trust a God like that? I would encourage you today to get alone with God and seek Him, pray and ask Him what direction He wants you to take and then be silent and wait for Him to answer. He will answer you if you will get alone with Him and seek Him.