Too many times we get confused between what is a good thing versus what is a God thing. Most of us always want to help or do what we feel is right. The only problem with that is for a personality like mine, we tend to burn the candle at both ends and tire ourselves out. Having drive and wanting to be helpful or successful is not a bad thing, but if we are being guiding by what we are thinking is a good idea, instead of praying and asking God for His direction, then we miss the point. God wants to bless us and He wants to bless the work of our hands but sometimes, just sometimes, we step into things that God never intended for us to do and then we wonder why everything is going to pot and why we are so overwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, being a Christian is not a cake walk and you will have trials, in fact, especially when you are doing what is right. However, the distinct difference is the peace that we feel in the middle of the trail and the blessings that follow.

Throughout my life and throughout my Christian life, because of my personality, I have found that too many times I have not turned to God and asked Him what direction that He wants me to take. I’m a take charge, get the job done kind of person so I have to make a concentrated effort to slow down and seek Him for the answer. Oh sure, I do it for the big things, but not always the small things. You and I both know though that the small things will pile up to overtake the big things if we are not careful. His Word says that it is the little foxes that spoil the vine, so we need to protect our time and ourselves by going to the Father first to receive guidance.

I have thought about sending this out for a while now and since it would not leave my mind when I was praying, I wanted to make sure that I was obedient in sending this out. God wants the best for us and He wants to ensure that we are not walking down a path that we shouldn’t. If we are constantly tied up with stuff that He never intended for us to be tied up in, then we allow the enemy to rob us of precious time that we could be ministering for the Father. Another thing that He showed me a long time ago was that sometimes we do not follow His direction, we wind up occupying a spot that was meant for someone else. We all have a place and we all have a purpose. What purpose has He created you for? Have you asked Him today? Why not stop, ask, listen, and receive all that He has for you and then take a step out in the direction that He sends you. You might be surprised at the end results.